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Salah leads Liverpool towards the lead with a precious win over Wolverhampton

Mohammed Salah led Liverpool to a 2-0 win over Wolverhampton at the opening of the 18th round of the Premier League at the opening of the 18th round of the Premier League. The Reds lifted their lead to 48 points in the lead and four points away from Manchester City , While Wolverhampton have 25 points in seventh place.

ملخص مباراة ليفـربول ووليفارهامبتون 2-0 اسست وهدف صــلاح العالمي

The first half of the game was quick and strong on both sides, with Traore firing a powerful volley from inside the penalty box after a gale from the Liverpool player but the ball into the net in the third minute, and then trawered another ball from inside the penalty area but next to the goal , And then Sais shot the ball away Alison and then the defender strayed hard.

In the 18th minute, Liverpool scored in the opposite direction of the match by Mohammed Salah following a ball that reached Fabinho, who passed Mani on the right flank before Mani passed it to Fabinho, who sent a cross from inside the box around Salah in the net. , And then Minler shot a strong shot from outside the penalty area but between the guard.

Manrie then sent a ball to Salah deep into the Wolverhampton defense but the defender came in at the last minute. Traore then passed a ball to Castro who hit the ball and Aliston stabbed the ball and Duherty threw the ball out of the Liverpool player. The date is in the "43" minute, ending in the first half 1-0 for the Reds.

In the second half of the game, Mani sent a ball from inside the penalty area but the defense kept it to a corner played to reach Salah who hit the ball on the line of the penalty area but on top of the goal in the "47" minute, Keita sent a long ball to Salah but the goalkeeper away and then the defense Died in minute "52", Keita came out for injury and entered instead of Lana.

Liverpool almost scored a second goal after a ball from Salah to Mani and then to Lalana who shot the ball but the defense entered the last minute in the "67", and then scored a second goal by (Virgil Van Dick) Who put a ball into the box with an ingenious shot around the net in the 68th minute.

Saince fired a ball from inside the penalty area, but between Elison's arms in the 72nd minute. Ferminho went in and took the place. In the 75th minute, Manny passed a ball to Salah who entered the penalty area and put the ball away. In the "86" minute, Salah almost added a fourth goal but the goalkeeper kept the ball away, ending the match 2-0.