'Liverpool' and 'Bournemouth' ( 4-0 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLihts 🔥 Premier League

Salah leads Liverpool towards the lead temporarily with a sweeping win over Bournemouth

Liverpool scored a great win at the expense of Bournemouth in a 4-0 win at the Sports First,  In the 16th round of the English Premier League, to lift Liverpool's lead to 42 points in the lead temporarily waiting for Manchester City against Chelsea, while Bournemouth is stuck at point 23 in seventh place temporarily.

ملخص مباراه ليـفــربــول وبــورنــمــوث 4-0 - هاترك عالمي لصـلااح - جنون يوسف سيف

The first half of the game was relatively quiet between the two teams in the middle of the blockage of the game in the middle of the field with a preference for Liverpool in terms of control and possession of the ball, while the minute "11" the first opportunity after Shakiri shot a free kick directly hit the defensive wall and then to Corner, and then Shakiri passed a ball to Salah but his ball was far away.

Shakeri sent a long-range volley to Robertson on the left side before sending a cross from the keeper with the help of the defense in the 20th minute. King then shot a ball from inside the box but near the goal Bournemouth almost scored the lead after a ball that reached Brooks, A ball from inside the penalty area but Allison put her away in the 22nd minute.

In the 25th minute, Liverpool scored the goal of the goal by (Mohamed Salah) after Ferminho fired a ball from outside the penalty area away from the goalkeeper and then followed by Salah, who was in the position of infiltration but the referee did not raise the flag, sent Fraser cross from a corner away Alison away from his goal , And then passed the minutes and then the referee announced the end of the first half 1-0 for the Reds.

In the second half of the match, the Liverpool team scored a second goal through (Mohammed Salah) after receiving the ball and launched into the area and then shot the ball into the net in the "minute" 48, Bournemouth nearly reduced the result after a cross from the left side around the King Next to the goal amid a penalty kick on Van Dyck and then Alison in the 53rd minute.

Shakiri and Keita were sent to Lalana and Mani by Liverpool in the 64th minute. Liverpool scored a third goal through Steve Cook after a cross from Robertson around the corner in the 67th minute. Bournemouth hit a free kick But Alison saved her twice, and Liverpool's priority continued.

In the 77th minute, Liverpool scored a fourth goal through (Mohammed Salah) after a long ball by Salah and then manipulated the goalkeeper and defenders in a wonderful way and put the ball in the net, the game calmed relatively between the two teams amid the blockage of play in the middle of the stadium with the Liverpool team to the region , Ending with the victory of Liverpool 4-0.