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Manchester United miss a dramatic draw from Arsenal's fangs in the Premiership

Manchester United forced a draw against Arsenal in a 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge this evening, At the top of the 15th round of the Premier League, to raise Arsenal to 31 points in fifth place on goal difference from Chelsea, while raising Manchester United to 23 points in eighth place.

ملخص ماڼـ۔ـشسٺر يۄنـ۔ـايٺد وٱرسـ۔ـڼال 2-2 - مباراة مجنوونة جدا - حفيظ دراجى

The first half of the game was relatively quiet between the two teams, amid the lack of play in the middle of the game with a pulse between the two teams, and in the "4" shot by Richford a strong shot from outside the penalty area but easy in the arms of goalkeeper Lino, and then shot Marciel another ball from outside The penalty area but went easy on Lyon goalkeeper in minute "12".

In the 14th minute, Aioubi sent a cross from inside the penalty area but Bayley put it in the corner. In the 19th minute, the Liverpool player passed a cross but United's defense kept the ball away. Arsenal scored the goal by Shkudorn Mostavi after a corner inside the penalty area Then a header from Mustafy and a thump from goalkeeper De Chia to go beyond the goal line.

Manchester United managed to change the score through Anthony Marcial after a free-kick shot by Rojo, who was sent off by Lyon, followed by Herrera with a cross from Marcial who hit the ball in the net. Ramsay hit the ball but hit the defender and then into the corner, Liechtenstein went on to end the first half 1-1 between the two teams.

In the second half of the game, the two teams entered the center of preference by Manchester United, where he sent Rashfr cross from the inside of the penalty area beyond the defense to a corner carried out by Rushford, but the goalkeeper left them in the minute "51", Rojo shot a strong shot from outside the penalty area but the goalkeeper He moved her into a corner that was played by Rushford but the defense barely made it.

In the 61st minute, Massiel went out and entered Lukaku, while Ioobi went out and entered Lazazet, Arsenal scored a second goal through Alexandra Lakazit after a hoof from Rojo to reach Lakazit, who passed it to Makhtarian, who brought him back. And then enter the defense to guide the ball to the net in the minute "68".

Manchester United scored the equalizer in the 69th minute after a long ball into the Arsenal penalty area and a volley from Colasinac was exploited by Jesse Lengard who shot the ball from the goal. Arsenal missed a goal after a cross from the left side around Obamyang but De Jaya further The ball, then cross from Colasinac around opamyang above the goal.

Rojho came out and Marwan Villaini came in and Obamyang fired a great shot, but De Chia saved him from a goal in the 74th minute. But De Khaya pushed her away and then Makhtaryan followed in the net but he was an intruder, ending the match 2-2.

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