"Real Madrid" vs "Valencia" ( 2-0 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 La Liga

Real Madrid regain their balance in La Liga with a precious win over Valencia

Real Madrid scored an important victory at the expense of Valencia, in the evening meeting at the Santiago Bernabeu 2-0, in the 14th round of Allega, 23 points in fifth place with the same balance Alves temporarily, while freezing Valencia team at point 17 in 13th place temporarily in the ranking ladder.

ملخص مباراة ړېال مـ۔ـدړېد وڧـ۔ـالڼسېا 2−0 - اداء عالمى وممتع للملكى

The first half of the game was quick by Real Madrid and Real Madrid, and in the second minute Real Madrid was able to snatch the lead after a cross from Benz, but Benzema was very close to the goal. With a cross from Jaya from inside the penalty area but the Real Madrid defender was barely able to reach it.

In the 8 minute, Real Madrid scored the goal by Daniel Weiss after a ball from Modric around Benzema to reach Carvajal, who manipulated the defenders of Valencia and then sent a cross over and headed home.

Bill fired a left-footed but easy shot into the keeper's arms in the 13th minute. Cebayos fired a powerful shot into the defense and then into a corner in the 23rd minute. Real Madrid almost scored a second goal after a cross that reached Gareth Bell inside the penalty area Before he paid off but the keeper kept them away and saved his goal from a goal in the minute "28".

Parejo fired a shot from outside the penalty area in the 30th minute, but it was easy at Cortois. Benzema then fired a great shot from inside the box in the 36th minute but the ball went up the bar a little. Real Madrid continued to dominate the ball and create opportunities amidst Of the Valencia players, and then ended the first half with Real Madrid 1-0.

In the second half of the match, Valencia sent a cross from the right side but went through in front of everyone, after which Soller sent a cross-ball but goalkeeper Cortua grabbed the ball before reaching Jammeru in the 51st minute, Valencia missed a goal after a ball from Barrejo To Mina who shot the ball over the goal in a very strange way "53".

In the 63rd minute, Valencia missed an opportunity to score a goal after a free-kick shot from inside the penalty area and then headed for Paulista who turned it over the goal. The ball is out of the box but away from the goal.

In the 70th minute, Modric came out and Valverde came in from Real Madrid. Real Madrid almost added a second goal after a ball to Llorente before passing a pass to Asencio who fired from inside the penalty spot but hit the defender in the 72th minute. A goal after a ball came to Patchway before he paid off a ball that was successfully intercepted by Cortois.

 Sevilla came out and replaced Esko in the last of the Royal substitutions. Real Madrid scored a second goal through Lucas Vázquez after a quick attack with a passing pass from Asencio before reaching Benzema, who passed it to Vázquez. Minute "83", ending with the victory of the Royal team 2-0.

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