Australia vs Uzbekistan 0-0 ( 4-2 P) ▶Match Goals and HighLights🏆Asian Cup 2019

Australia qualified for the quarter-finals of the Asian Cup with a penalty shootout 4-2 at the expense of Uzbekistan after a draw 0-0 at the meeting at the Khalifa Bin Zayed Stadium - Al Ain Club "in the framework of the role of the 16 of the tournament.

ملخص وركلات ترجيح استراليا واوزباكستان 4-2 / كأس اسيا 2019

In the first half of the game, there was not much opportunity between the two teams, and the performance was limited to the average of the pitch, with a clear opportunity for the Uzbek team but Australia goalkeeper Ryan put the ball away, ending the first half with a draw.

In the second half of the game, the performance of the Australian team improved in terms of control and acquisition of the ball and create opportunities but without a translation into goals, where the Australian team missed the last, to end the second half 0-0.

The two teams held on to the extra rounds that saw the Australian side continue to miss the opportunity to score, and the two teams moved to a penalty shootout that gave Australia a 4-2 lead after a draw.