"FC Barcelona" vs "Getafe" ( 2-1 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 LaLiga

Barcelona return with a precious win from Getafe

Barca have lost their rivals Atletico Madrid, Sevilla and Real Madrid, and won an important win in the 2-0 win over Getafe in the 18th round of the Primera Liga. Barca lifted 40 points to strengthen their lead by five Atletico II, and Getafe balance at 25 points in seventh place.

ملخص مباراه بـرشـلونـة وخـيـتافـي 2-1 هدف سواريز العالمي وتألق ميسي - رؤوف خليف

The first attempt in the game was for Getafe with Angel Rodríguez's shot in the fifth minute, and in the ninth minute Getafe scored a goal after an inside cross that Jimmy Mata received with a right-of-the-way shot but the referee said there was an infiltration, The Getafe player was in a sequence position.

In the 21st minute, Barcelona managed to score the goal after a ball from Arthur Milo to Lionel Messi to the left of the goal, to play the Argentine star hit the goalkeeper, and then prepare for Messi again who followed it in the goal, and in the 25th minute Barcelona tried again by Gerard Pique But the Catalan defender's ball missed the goal.

In the 38th minute, Barcelona scored with a shot from Luis Suarez from the edge of the box and settled in the left of David Syria. In the 44th minute, Getafe narrowed the lead after a cross from the left-hand corner into Rodriguez's cross, Mata, who is standing in front of the goal to kick her in the goal.

In the second game, the owners of the land were trying to reach the equalizer, and we will have a very serious chance of the header of Leonardo Kabira, who was saved by goalkeeper Ter Stegn brilliantly, and in the 63rd minute was calculated a free kick for Barcelona on the border of the penalty area, but Messi missed the goal, In the 66th minute, Mata missed a goal for Getafe and gave him a free kick.

Barcelona then made the first substitutions by entering Sergio Buscic instead of Arturo Vidal. After that, goalkeeper Getafe David saved two very dangerous attempts through Lionel Messi. Another chance was missed by Linglet after a ball lifted from a corner by substitute Coutinho. This meeting ended with an important victory for Barcelona (2-1).

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