"FC Barcelona" vs "Eibar" ( 3-0 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 LaLiga

Barcelona continued their victories in the Primera Liga, winning a precious win tonight at the expense of the Ibar team in the match at the Camp Nou 3-0, to strengthen Barcelona lead after raising the score to 43 points to restore the difference with Atletico II To five points, while Ibar lost its balance at 22 points and became the 17th.

ملخص مباراه بـرشـلونـة وايـبار 3-0 - ثنائية سواريز وتألق ميسي - حفيظ دراجي

Ibar started the match well, but in the first few minutes the pressure was applied in the Barcelona area. The first attempt at the match was from the home side when Messi played Alba who tried to enter it from above the keeper in the goal, Messi penetrated the penalty area after that but the defense was barely able to draw the ball.

At the 19th minute, the Catalan team managed to reach the visitors' goal, after a wonderful exchange of the ball between Luis Suarez and Philippe Coutinho, to reach Suarez inside the penalty area, and put it in the net, and then tried to Ibar team to react to score the equalizer, He had a serious attempt after a cross from Pena, who was met by Sergei Erensch with a header close to the goal.

There were some attempts to add a second goal, most notably Coutinho, which fell inside the penalty area, but the first half ended 1-0, and with the start of the second half, Barcelona added the second goal, in the 53rd minute after a ball played by Philippe Coutinho to Luis Suarez, Skimmed past the defenders and then shot the ball past goalkeeper Reyesjo.

In the 58th minute, Barcelona were close to a third goal after a ball from the left by Coutinho to Suarez on the edge of the penalty area for the Uruguayan to Messi but the Argentine shot was not strong, grabbed the keeper, and after a minute came the third goal after a shot of a game by Roberto To Suarez, who sped off quickly and shot it into the net.

In the last quarter of the game, Barca were replaced by Vidal, instead of Boscic, Demebeli instead of Arthur, Simido instead of Roberto, and last minute saw some attempts to add a fourth goal to Barcelona, ​​but Ibar's defense was well intervened, , Ending the meeting with the victory of Barcelona 3-0, and strengthens his position in the top ranking of the league.