"Barcelona" vs "Girona" ( 2-0 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 LaLiga

Barcelona continued their victories in the Primera Liga, where they won an important victory at Girona in the match of the twenty-first round of the tournament held at the stadium Montelevi 2-0, this win lifted Barcelona to 49 points and strengthened his position in the lead, and restore the difference with Atletico with 5 points, Girona XII remained in the standings with 24 points.

ملخص مباراة برشلونة وجيرونا 2-0 🔥 شاشة كاملة - هدف ميسي العالمي

It was the first attempt in the game by Uruguayan striker Christian Stoani, who passed from above the goal in the sixth minute, and in the 13th minute the visitors were able to open the scoring. After a ball tried by Barcelona, ​​Girona's defense tried to keep it off, Simido inside the penalty area to kick it into the net.

In the 18th minute, Girona threatened Barcelona's goal again after a shot from a free kick by Granil, Alex Garcia met with a header on the crossbar and 19 minutes later by Arturo Vidal to Philippe Coutinho. Stoane then fired another shot for Girona, which Terje Stegen managed to tackle.

In the 42nd minute, Girona came close to the goal after a volley that reached the goal of the goal, but Terre Steghen and then goalkeeper Perey Ponce set up a goal, but Gerrard Pique managed to keep the ball away. -0, in a run that did not rise to the required level, and was full of mistakes on both sides.

In the second half Girona made a big effort to reach the draw, but he was hit hard by Fernando Espinosa's red card after his intervention on Luis Suarez in the 51st minute. However, he had some serious attempts, such as a stoppage attempt in the 56th minute, Barcelona then made their first changes to Arthur Milo instead of Vidal.

In the 68th minute Barcelona scored the second goal after a ball arrived on the left, to play a ball to Messi in front of the penalty area to separate the Argentine star goalkeeper Bono, and advanced and put the ball over him brilliantly in the goal, and in the last part of the game decreased level, after Barcelona, ​​Valverde The other two switches enter Vermaelen and Roberto instead of Linglet and Boscic.

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