Japan vs Iran 3-0 ▶ Match Goals & HighLights 🏆Semi-Final - Asian Cup 2019🏆

Japan qualified for the Asian Cup final with a 3-0 victory over Iran in the final, the winner of the other semi-final between Qatar and the UAE tomorrow.

ملخص مباراة ايران واليابان 0-3 🔥 مباراة مجنونة - تأهل اليابان 🔥 نصف نهائي كأس آسيا

The Japanese team was close to reaching the goal in the 18th minute, after a series of fast and distinctive transfers of Samurai stars, the ball inside the area reached Ritsu Duan, who played a very dangerous ball passed by the left side.

The Iranian team almost opened the scoring in the 21st minute, after reaching the ball to Sirdar Azmon inside the penalty area after the transfer of distinctive, to exceed two players brilliantly large, and play towards the goal, Shihuchi Gonda starred to address them.

In the 56th minute, Japan managed to open the scoring after a volley by Tacomi Minamino and then stumbled in front of the area to turn the Iranian players to power.

In the 61st minute in the first reaction to the Japanese progress, the Iranian team tried to reach the equalizer when the English Premier League player, Alireza Jahnabkhsh kicked a free kick by Japanese goalkeeper Shiuchi Gonda.

The referee then used a penalty for a penalty kick after Takumi Minamino tried to score a penalty in the hands of Iranian player Morteza Kanji. Yoya Usaku sent the penalty to a second goal in the 67th minute.

Japan scored the third goal in stoppage time after a series of very fine transfers between the Japanese stars, and then received by Janki Haraguchi and quickly made it to the penalty area and finished brilliantly in the Iranian goal.

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