Iran vs Yemen 4-0 ▶Match Goals and HighLights🏆Asian Cup 2019

Iran begins its Asian career with a sweeping victory over Yemen

The Iranian team won an important and deserved victory at the expense of the Yemeni team, in the meeting that was held this evening on the floor of the "Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Jazira" 5-0, in the first round of the group stage of the Asian Nations Cup.

ملخص مباراه ايران واليمن 5-0 - خماسيه قاسيه - كأس امم اسيا 2019

The Iranian team lifted their points to 3 points in the top of the fourth group, while the balance of the Yemeni team without points in the fourth and final, while tomorrow will face the Iraqi team and his Vietnamese team in the same group.

The Iranian team scored the goal of the game (Mahdi Tarmi) in the minute "12", and then managed to add a second goal by the player (Saud Saudi) in the minute "23" by mistake in the range of his team.

In the 25th minute, Iran scored a third goal through Mehdi Tarmi. Iran managed to score a fourth goal through Sardar Izmoun after a cross from a corner and then a defensive shot before Tarmi turned it into the net.

The Iranian team managed to score a fifth goal through Saman Godus in the 78th minute, after a free-kick and the defense left the ball to Godus who hit the ball in the net.

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