Iraq vs Vietnam 3-2 ▶Match Goals and HighLights🏆Asian Cup 2019

Iraq has won a deadly and exciting victory over Vietnam in the nations of Asia

The Iraqi team won an important victory over the Vietnamese team, in the meeting held this evening on the grounds of the "Madinat Zayed Sports" 3-2, in the first round of the group stage of the Asian Nations Cup.

ملخص مباراة العراق 3-2 فيتنام | تعليق أحمد الطيب | كأس آسيا 2019

To lift the Iraqi team to its credit to 3 points in second place in the fourth group of goals difference from Iran's top team, while in the third and fourth place in the ranks of Vietnam and Yemen without any points for each.

The Vietnamese team managed to open the scoring in the minute "24", after a series of transfers distinguished between the players, to reach the ball into the penalty range of the Iraqi team, to get a misunderstanding between the goalkeeper and defender caused the entry of the ball to the goal.

Iraq responded with a ten-minute equalizer in the 43rd minute after the young striker Muhannad Ali Kazem of the Vietnamese defender, and then another brilliant defender, shot the ball into the middle of the net.

In the 42nd minute, Vietnam regained its lead after a start from the right-hand side of the Vietnamese side and broke through the penalty area and then fired the ball to face goalkeeper Jalal Hassan, but set up Phyong Nguyen who followed in the net.

In the 60th minute, the Iraqi team managed to score again after a ball from the left, tried by Muhannad Ali Ali twice, but the ball reached the substitute Hammam Tarek in front of the goal to kick it in the net successfully.

The match calmed relatively between the two teams, but without real danger on both goals, before the Iraqi team to score a killer goal through Ali Adnan from a free-kick directly in the net in the 90th minute, to end the meeting 3-2.

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