'Club Africain' and 'Ismaily' ( 2-1 ) 🏆 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 CAF Champions League

The Tunisian African managed to win an important victory at Egypt's Ismaili in the second round of the African Champions League (2-1), raising their score to 3 points in third place in the third group, and Ismaili remained fourth without points.

ملخص مباراة الاسماعيلي والنادي الافريقي 1-2 ظـلم تحكيمي ضد الاسماعيلي - ضربتين جزاء

Ismaili managed to open the scoring in the eighth minute of the match after a cross from the left by Tarek Taha, who was met by the goal of Namibia striker Benson Shilongo with a fantastic shot in the Tunisian goal.

In the final five minutes of the first half, the referee awarded two penalties for the African team, one of which was controversial, and Ghazi Ayadi scored the first two goals in the 40th minute and the second in the 45th minute.

In the second half Ismaili pressed for the equalizer, but the African team managed to maintain their lead to the end, to win a precious victory, in a game that saw many breaks due to public riots in the stands.

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