Japan vs Turkmenistan 3-2 ▶Match Goals and HighLights🏆Asian Cup 2019

Japan opens with a dramatic win over Turkmenistan

Japan, the record-holder of the Asian Cup, began their 17th edition in the UAE with a difficult 3-2 victory over Turkmenistan to lead Group F in the victory of Oman and Uzbekistan.

ملخص مباراة اليابان وتركمانستان 3-2 / مباراة قوية وممتعة/ كاس اسيا 2019

The Turkmenistan team stunned Japan in the 26th minute with a superb shot from far away by captain Arslan Amanov. Japan goalkeeper Shoichi Gonda was unable to tackle it.

In the 56th minute, Japan managed to score the equalizer, after a ball from Haraguchi from the left, reached Werder Bremen striker Yuya Osako inside the area to spur the defender and hit it in the net.

In the 59th minute, Japan scored the second goal after Nagutomo stepped up on the left-footed defender to take the lead to Yuya Osako in front of the keeper.

The third goal came in the 71st minute, after a series of special transfers between the stars of the Samurai, to reach the professional Ritzo Duane, the Dutch league, to receive and run and then paid off nicely in the goalkeeper Mamit.

The referee made a penalty for the Turkmenistan team after the Tmwrad player was forced into the area by goalkeeper Gunda to take the lead, Ahmed Atayev, who successfully shot Bisrah to end the match with a 3-2 win over Japan.

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