Juventus vs A.C. Milan ( 1-0 ) 🏆 Match Goal and HighLights 🏆 Cristiano Ronaldo 🤴 The Don

Juventus won the Italian Super Cup in 2018 following a difficult win over AC Milan in the evening meeting at the "Jewel Jewel" 1-0, to win the title for the eighth time in history and become the most team in the history of Italy to win the title Ahead of the AC Milan team which has 7 titles in the Italian Super.

ملخص مباراه يوفنتوس وميلان 1- 0 هدف كريستيانو رونالدو الرائع - كأس السوبر الايطالي

The first half of the game was good on Milan's side, amid discipline from Juventus in the middle of the pitch, and in the third minute Hakan sent a cross from the right side but the defense kept it away. Juventus responded by Douglas Costa who fired a superb shot from Inside the penalty area but next to the keeper a little guard Dornaroma.

In the 8th minute, Paqueta sent a cross from the left side of the box with a header in the header, but in the 16th minute, Cansello fired a shot from inside the box, but the ball went slightly past Castillo. By Matudei but the referee canceled it by sneaking in the "35" minute.

Juventus continued their advantage in the second half of the first half. Sandro sent a cross from Ronaldo's left side from the inside of the penalty area, but the ball went over the goal. Cristiano then sent a pass from Dahkhal to the penalty area, but the Milan defender kept it away from Juventus. The first half with a 0-0 draw.

In the second half, Milan almost caught the lead after a shot from inside the penalty area but in the crossbar and then dispersed defense in the minute "47", and then sent a long-distance Debala Cristiano Ronaldo, who entered the penalty area from the left front and sent it strong beyond goalkeeper Donaroma The defense broke into a corner in the 58th minute.

Hacán fired a powerful ball from the penalty area but just outside the post, and in the 61st minute Juventus scored the goal by Cristiano Ronaldo, using a shot from Pianic with a header in Donaroma. Pianic then came in and replaced Emri Chan in the 64th minute "Debala scored a second goal, but the referee turned it off.

In the 70th minute, Santierjo and Pacita came out and replaced Higuain. Milan played with 10 men after the red card was sent off after the referee used the video technology in the 74th minute. Bennettkor came out and entered Bernardiski and then called Milan with a penalty. Douglas Costa then went into injury and entered a vegetable instead.

Juventus almost scored a second goal through Cristiano, who fired a shot from inside the penalty area, but with keeper Cortois in the 90th minute, the opening minutes went past Juventus 1-0.

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