PSG vs Guingamp ( 1-2 ) Match Golas & Highlights - Coupe de la Ligue

The last-placed team in the French Ligue 1 club Gangon blew up a great surprise and knocked the defending champions Paris Saint-Germain out of the quarter-finals of the French League Cup.

ملخص مباراة باريس سان جيرمان وجانجون 1-2 - سقوط باريس فى حضور نيمار

Gagnon held on until the 62nd minute when Paris Saint-Germain scored the first goal after a ball from the right by Belgian Thomas Munier. Brazilian star Neymar da Silva met her with a header in the net.

In a fantastic scenario, the referee awarded three penalties for the first team Gangon lost by Markus Thuram, the second scored by Yeni Ngbakutu in the 81st minute, and the third recorded Marcus Thuram, who lost the first in time rather than lost from the meeting.

It was not enough time for the capital, who played the match with a near-complete return to the match, which ended with a surprise victory for the Gangon team on the PSG, which has been sweeping the titles and titles for the last few years.

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