Qatar vs Iraq 1-0 ▶ Match Goals & HighLights 🏆 Asian Cup 2019

Qatar team qualified for the quarter-finals of the Asian Nations Cup after winning against the Iraqi national team in the meeting, which was held this evening on the floor of the stadium, "Nahyan Club unity" 1-0, in the framework of the role of the 16 of the tournament.

ملخص مباراة العراق وقطر 0-1 خروج اسود الرافدين وجنون حفيظ دراجي 🔥 كاس اسيا 2019

The first half of the game did not see a lot of serious chances on both goals, as the Qatari team almost to catch the first goal but the ball of the ball hit the crossbar, and then missed the Iraqi player a chance to register, ending the half 0-0.

In the second half of the game, Qatar player Akram Afif was alone in the game but the ball was a long way to go. The Qatari team continued their advantage and tried to reach Iraq but Jalal Hassan dealt with two dangerous cards for the Qatari team.

In the 62nd minute, the Qatari team scored the lead by Bassam Hisham Al Rawi. After a free kick in the net, Ali Adnan hit a free kick near the goal and then a header from the Iraqi player next to Al Qaim.

Qatar goalkeeper kept a dangerous cross from the corner for Iraq, and then continued the attempts of both teams in the last minute of the game, missed the player Muhannad Ali a chance to score in the minute "90 +1", ending the meeting 1-0.

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