'Real Madrid' and 'Leganes' ( 3-0 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLihts 🔥 Copa del Rey

Real Madrid put forward the quarter-finals of the King's Cup after winning a 3-0 win over Legianis in the first round of the tournament on the grounds of Santiago Bernabeu. The return leg will be played on January 16 at the Municipal Stadium De Botareque "to officially qualify for the quarter-finals.

ملخص مباراه ريــال مـدريــد وليـغـانيـس 3-0 - تألق الصغير جونيور - كأس ملك اسبانيا

The start of the first game was calm between the two teams amid the preference of Real Madrid in terms of control and possession of the ball, while the minute "9" the first opportunity for Real Madrid after a ball from Venecius far beyond the defense to reach the Sibaios, who shot the ball saved by goalkeeper on Twice, and then Ramos shot a free-kick in the defensive wall.

In the 15th minute, Udrizola sent a cross with a header, but it was easy for the goalkeeper. Real Madrid scored a goal after a ball from Vasquez to Benzema, who fired a shot from inside the penalty area over the goal in the 16th minute. He passed through striker Martin Prithwaite and Ramos turned into a corner.

Udrizola called for a penalty kick in the 25th minute but Ham wanted to continue playing. In the 26th minute, Prithwaite broke out from midfield and then shot the ball just past the keeper. In the 36th, Leganes almost scored the lead after a corner and then headed by Martin Prithwaite But Killor Navas saved his goal and a goal and then hit the Liganes.

In the 41rd minute, Orerizola missed an unforced goal after being alone in the penalty area, but he passed the ball on the cross instead of the shot to leave the defense of Leganes. The referee was awarded a penalty for Real Madrid after the fall of Audrizola inside the penalty area. The captain, Sergio Ramos, And then ended the first half with the progress of Real Madrid 1-0.

In the second half of the match, Sibayos fired a shot from outside the penalty area but it was near the goal in the "46" minute, and then Benzema passed a ball to Regalion, who fired a light ball at the goalkeeper, and then Valverde shot a strong shot over the goal in the "53" Venecius scored a second goal but his shot missed the goal from inside the box.

Real Madrid scored a second goal from Lucas Vázquez after a defender gave them back to Karim Benzema before coming to the keeper and then passed it to Venecius who entered the area and passed it to Vázquez, who easily put the net in the 68th minute. Minute "70", then continue Real Madrid's attempts.

Real Madrid scored a third goal through Venecius Junior after a cross from the right side of Audrizola around Venecius with a great shot in the net in the "77", and then went out Vinicius and entered the newcomer Ibrahim Diaz, and then almost Prithwaite to score the goal of reducing the difference After a cross ball around her head but Navas dealt with her steadfastly.

In the 81st minute, Isco fired a superb ball away from the keeper to the corner with difficulty, Benzema came out and entered Cristo in the "83", Isco fired a ball from outside the box near the post shortly after "89", ending the meeting 3-0.