"Real Madrid" vs "Real Sociedad" ( 0-2 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 La Liga

Real Madrid have a humiliating loss to Sociedad in an exciting match

Real Madrid suffered a severe loss at the hands of Real Sociedad in the evening meeting on the grounds of the Santiago Bernabeu 2-0, in the 18th round of the Spanish Liga, Real Madrid is stuck at 30 points in fifth place, Real Sociedad raised 22 points to 11th.

ملخص مباراه ريـال مـدريـد ورريـال سـووسـيـيداد 0-2 - انهيار للملكي - عصام الشوالي

At the start of the first half, Real Madrid scored an early goal after a penalty against Casimiro, who was sent off by Willian Jose in the 3 minute minute. Real Madrid tried to arrange for a tie, Equalizer in the "9" minute after a shot just past the keeper in front of the goal.

In the minute "15" Vincius alone and entered the penalty area and then put the ball brilliantly but the goalkeeper away and then the defense of the end, the goal of a penalty, and then shot Benzema ball from inside the penalty area but to the corner next to the post, and in the minute "21" The penalty area was brilliantly removed by the keeper, and Real Madrid's attempts continued, but without danger.

Real Madrid were awarded a penalty after a boost from Sociedad on Ramos, but the referee repeatedly asked for a 34th minute. Casimero's header went just over the net. Vasquez almost equalized from the penalty area but hit the second post in the 44th minute. ", And then ended the first half with the progress of Sociedad 1-0,

In the second half, Sociedad almost grabbed a second goal after a cross from the left, but the defense left them in the 46th minute. Real Madrid responded with a shot from Modric but the defender took it to a corner. Real Madrid missed a goal after a shot from Faran, Then a volley from Venecius left the goalkeeper and then a ball from Faran away from the keeper.

Sociedad almost scored a second goal through Uyarsabal but Carvajal stepped in and then fired it over the net. Venecius almost equalized but just after the goal in the 50th minute, Yanuzai fired a superb shot from outside the penalty area, , Solari took the first step with Casimiro's exit and went to Isco.

Vasquez received a second yellow card and was sent off by the Reds to play Real Madrid with 10 men in the 61st minute. Then he shot Sociedad but between the arms of Cortois, the referee refused to give Vinceos a penalty. The keeper saved his goal from Vinicos and Ramos, Ramos for a cross from Venecius saved her goalkeeper.

Venecius had a great shot but was just outside the keeper in the 79th minute. Marcelo then stepped in and entered Regalion. Crosse came out and entered Regalion. Sociedad scored a second goal through Robin Pardo in the 83rd minute after a cross from Willian. , Willian wasted an accomplished goal, ending with Real Sociedad 2-0 victory.

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