Tottenham vs Chelsea ( 1-0 ) Match Golas & Highlights - EFL Cup

Tottenham put forward the FA Cup final with a win over Chelsea

Tottenham scored an important win over Chelsea at Wembley on Sunday in the English Premier League semi-final, with the return leg at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday (January 22nd) Al-Jaras, knowing that in this tournament does not qualify for the advantage of the goal outside the ground.

ملخص مباراه توتنهام وتشيلسي 1-0 تألق الرائع هاري كين - نصف نهائي كأس رابطة المحترفين

The start of the first half of the game was quick on both sides. Barclay fired a powerful shot from outside the penalty area, but it was right next to the goal in the 5th minute, and then Tribier sent a cross ball around Kane with a scissor shot in the keeper's arms. , And then Hazard shot a strong but in the arms of Tottenham goalkeeper.

In the 24th minute, the referee awarded a penalty for Tottenham after using the video technique following Keba's intervention with Keane (Harry Kane) to score the lead. In the 34th minute, Chelsea almost adjusted the score with Kanti after a pass from Willian before paying off. Kanti had a powerful shot from the edge of the area but the Tottenham keeper saved the ball.

Chelsea tried to intensify their attempts to reach the equalizer but the team missed the last goal in front of the goal, and then hit Kanti strong ball but in the post, and then sent a cross from the right side Oudui barely saved before hitting the ball in the post in the minute "45+ 1 ", ending the first half with Tottenham's 1-0 lead.

In the second half of the game, Oduy sent a ball to Hazard, who tried to pass through the center of the Spurs defenders and then sent a cross into the area in the direction of Willian but Kairan Tribier to the corner, and in the "51" Keane shot a strong but Kiba goalkeeper away, But the keeper continued to shine and hit the ball in the 54th minute.

Chelsea were able to take the lead after a cross from corner to Christensen, who turned the ball awkwardly near the goal, and in the "65" came out of the Willyn and entered Pedro by the Blues, and then continued the superiority of the Blues in terms of control and possession of the ball, and then came out Barclay and entered Kovacic from In the minute "75" in the second blender substitutions.

Udou sent a cross to Alonso, who turned around but in the defense and then to the corner, and then the injury of the Blues player, which was spared the defense of Tottenham, Hazard sent a dangerous cross from the keeper and the defense broke off in the 86th minute. But to no avail, the end of the meeting after the victory of Tottenham 1-0.

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