'Tottenham' and 'M.United' ( 0-1 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLihts 🔥 Premier League

Manchester United made a hard-fought win over Tottenham Hotspur at the Wembley Stadium on Sunday in the English Premier League with a 1-0 win over Manchester United. Tottenham scored 48 points in third place.

ملخص مباراه مـانـشسـتر يوونـايتتد وتوتنهـام 1-0 - هدف عالمي - جنون عصام الشوالي

The first half of the game was relatively quiet in the middle of the game in the midfield with caution and a pulse between the two teams, while the minute "8" the first opportunity for Tottenham after a quick attack ended with a reel from Sun to Winx, who shot the ball passed in front of the goal and then cross From Treviir and the defense to a corner and then a shot from Winx over the net.

Manchester United missed a goal after a cross from Young and reached Lengard inside the penalty area to hit the ball through the goal, and then Marcelal passed a ball to Rushford, who shot from inside the penalty area but easy to Loris in the minute "12", then a ball from Bogba to Marciel, who fired a shot from inside the box, was barely able to reach Loris.

In the 30th minute, Harry Kane scored the goal after a ball from Sun but the referee ruled out a foul on Keane. Kane almost took the lead after a corner in the penalty area that Keane received and fired but in defense. Manchester United responded with a shot from Marciel From outside the penalty box but the ball over the goal without a danger to Loris.

The Tottenham Hotspur manager was given the opportunity to make the first pass when Sissoko was sent off by injury and Lamela entered. In the 44th minute, Manchester United managed to score the winner after a wrong pass from Trevir and then sent it to Pogpa who sent a great shot to Markus Rushford who entered the penalty area The ball hit the net, ending the first half 1-0.

In the second half of the game, Tottenham close to the equalizer early after a pass from Dili to Harry Kane, who shot a shot from inside the penalty area, but goalkeeper De Khia removed the ball in the minute "48", and then saved De Khia goal of the goal of the investigator after A cross from Trevière around Dili with a header that was deftly missed by De Chia in the 50th minute.

Paul was in the crossbar with a header from the right, but Lauris blocked it. In the 56th minute, Bogba almost grabbed a second goal with a shot from inside the penalty area but Lauris pushed it into a corner. Chaya responded to her and Marciel passed a ball to Bojba who shot the ball past Loris.

After a pass through the penalty area, Dela went on to make it 1-0 in the 70th minute. De Chia went on to score a goal after a cross from Ereksen around Alderverld. Marcial came out and replaced Lukako in the 72nd minute in the first substitutes of coach Solchar.

In the 73rd minute, De Chia continued to shine and saved his goal from a goal with a shot from Dili to the inside of the box. Waynex came out and entered Llorente from Tottenham. Lengard stepped out and Dalut went in. De Chia went on and saved his goal from a goal from Keane In the 86th minute, Llorente almost scored the equalizer but his shot was easy at De Chia.

Manchester United fired a shot from outside the penalty area, but the defense kept the ball away. Herrera then passed the ball into Lukako, who entered the area and shot the ball in the 90th minute. , Tribier sent a cross-ball away from the defense to an untapped corner, ending Manchester United's 1-0 win.

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