UAE vs Kyrgyzstan 3-2 ▶Match Goals and HighLights🏆Asian Cup 2019

Join the UAE team to qualify rode to the quarter-finals of the Asian Cup of Nations finals, After crossing the difficulty of the match the final price in front of his team and Kyrgyzstan 3-2 after the match was extended to extra time.

ملخص مباراة الامارات وقيرغيزستان 3-2 تأهل تاريخي للامارات 🔥 كاس اسيا 2019 HD

The UAE team managed to open the scoring in the 14th minute after a corner kick from Ismael Matar, who was met by defender Khalifa Mubarak with a header from Khamis Ismael who put it in front of goalkeeper Kadirbekov.

Kyrgyzstan scored the equalizer in the 26th minute, after a right-hand volley to Akluddin Izraelov, who brought it up to Mirlan Merziyev, who received it and stole goalkeeper Khaled Issa brilliantly and put it in the net.

In the 64th minute, United Arab Emirates scored the goal again after a ball from the left, reached the midfielder Amer Abdul Rahman, who lifted it towards Ali Mbkhout and made him face goalkeeper Kadirbekov to put it brilliantly large in the goal.

In the stoppage time, Kyrgyzstan managed to score the equalizer after a ball from Anton's corner gave them a header with a header to extend the game to extra time.

The UAE team managed to settle the match in the 103rd minute after the penalty was awarded when Ali Mabkhout came under pressure from the Kyrgyz defender. Ahmed Khalil successfully hit the ball in the middle of the goal, despite the goalkeeper's attempt to repel it.

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