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Liverpool concede the FA Cup against Wolverhampton

The Liverpool team left the FA Cup after losing 2-1 at Wolverhampton,
 In the meeting that was held this evening on the floor of the "Molineio", to qualify the team of Wolverhampton to the role of 64.

ملخص واهداف مباراه ليفربول وولفرهامبتون 1-2 - غياب محمد صلاح وسقوط الريدز

The first half did not see much of a chance, and Liverpool defender Lofrin was injured early on. Liverpool was very much influenced by the changes that have been made by Salah, Manny, Ferminho, Van Dyck, Robertson and Arnold.

In the 38th minute, Wolverhampton scored the lead from Raul Jimenez after Wolverhampton's ball left Minler to hit Jimenez, who started the ball and entered the area before firing the ball into the net.

In the second half of the game, Liverpool scored the equalizer for Divoc Oregee, after a superb volley from the line of the box that gave Wolverhampton the lead in the 51st minute.

In the 55th minute, Wolverhampton scored a second goal through Robin Neves with a superb shot from outside the penalty area. Shakeri then came close to a free-kick but the ball hit the post from inside and then went out.

Liverpool fired a powerful shot from outside the box and went past the goal in the 82nd minute, substitute Salah was able to draw the equalizer but the defender moved the ball, minutes passed through the attempts of both sides, ending the meeting with a win and qualified Wolverhampton.