Qatar vs North Korea 6-0 ▶Match Goals and HighLights🏆Asian Cup 2019

Qatar have joined the hosts to the semi-finals of the 17th Asian Cup finals in the UAE, beating North Korea 6-0 to lead Group E with a goal difference from the Saudi team.

ملخص مباراة قطر وكوريا الشمالية 6-0🔥سوبرهاتريك المعز علي - كاس اسيا 2019 HD

The Qatari team managed to open the scoring in the ninth minute of the match after a ball arrived Akram Afif on the left, to pass the Korean player brilliantly large and play the ball to Muaz Ali inside the penalty area to kick it in the goal successfully.

Al-Anabi's second goal came two minutes later, after a long ball from the left by Abdul Karim Hassan towards the leader Hassan Al-Hydos to the right of the penalty area, to play the latter on the first pole, Moez Ali met with a wonderful touch in the goal.

The third goal came in the forty-third minute, after a ball headed towards Akram Afif to the left of the penalty area, the player met with a distinctive touch that brought the ball to Boualem Khoukhi in front of the goal, to put it header in the net goalkeeper Myung Gok.

In five minutes Al-Moez Ali reached the haters and the Super Hattrick, scoring the fourth goal in the 55th minute with the goalkeeper, ending it in the goal, and the fifth in the 60th minute of a counter-attack, ending the keeper in the goal after a pass.

The sixth goal came in the 68th minute through left-back Abdul Karim Hassan, who kicked the ball from the left quickly and broke through the penalty area and ended in the goal, ending the meeting with a big victory for the Qatari team 6-0 and the final round of the game.

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