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Real clash against Villarreal in La Liga

MADRID, Dec 7 (Reuters) - Real Madrid have lost to Villarreal in the evening meeting on the grounds of Lasiramica in the postponed match of the 17th round of the Spanish Leiga 2-2, Real Madrid move to 30 points in fourth place, 7 points behind Barcelona , While Villarreal increased their lead to 16 points in 18th place.

ملخص مباراه ريـال مــدريــد وفياريال 2-2 - الملكي يواصل السقوط - مباراه مجنونة

The first half of the game was a quick one from Villarreal and the home side, with Samuel Chocuizi firing a shot from inside the penalty area, but Cortua was away. In the 4th minute, Villarreal scored the goal by Santi Cazorla Ended with a pass to Carzola who hit a shot in the net.

Real Madrid scored the equalizer through Karim Benzema after a volley from Karafajal who Vazquez, who entered the area and sent a cross around Benzema with a header in the net. Villarreal then caught a second goal after a shot to Moreno but Ramos moved the ball away. Next to the goal in the minute "9" after a cross from Marcelo from the left.

In the 15th minute Real Madrid almost scored a second goal but Villarreal kept the ball away. Real Madrid scored a second goal through Rafael Farran after a free kick by Crosse in the penalty area. "Villarreal almost equalized Samuel Chocuizi, but Casimiro kept the ball away.

Real Madrid scored a third goal after a shot from Crosse rebounded from the keeper and then was followed by Modric but the referee denied the move to Modric in the 33rd minute. Villarreal tried to threaten Real Madrid's goal, but the Royal Club's defenses were on the lookout for yellow diving attempts. Al-Mourmein to end the first half with the progress of Real Madrid 2-1.

In the second half of the match, Gareth Bell came out of the injury and entered the ISESCO, and then Karim Benzema shot from outside the penalty area but near the post shortly in the "49", and then sent Villarreal player Miguel Layon cross from the right side but Carvajal put the ball into the corner , Followed by Luka Modric and replaced by Vidi Valverde.

Villarreal were the best in terms of control and possession of the ball amid the decline of Real Madrid to its regions, and in the minute "65" Villarreal almost equalized after the shot of Gerard Moreno but the ball next to the post slightly, and then wasted Vazquez goal after investigating Villarreal defender Villarreal The goalkeeper hit the ball into the corner of the keeper's goal from the goal of the investigator.

Marcelo fired a ball from inside the penalty area but the defender kept it away from a goal. Gonzalez headed past goalkeeper Corto and in the 81st minute Villarreal scored the equalizer through Santi Caserola, Isco scored a third goal but the goalkeeper kept the ball away.

In the 85th minute Tony Crosse and Vincius Jr. came out. Real Madrid tried in the last minute to score a third but without any danger to the yellow submarines.

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