'Al Ahly' and 'Simba' ( 5-0 ) 🏆 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 CAF Champions League

Egypt's Al-Ahli team won a big and deserved win at the expense of their team Samba Tanzania, in the meeting held on the evening of the day on the floor of the "Burj Al Arab" 5-0, in the third round of the group stage of the African Champions League.

ملخص مباراة الاهلي وسيمبا 5-0 تألق حسين الشحات 🔥 - شاشة كاملة

ملخص مباراة الاهلي وسيمبا 5-0 كامل- تعليق الكواليني- دووري ابطااال افرريقيا
Al-Ahli have seven points in Group D, while Vita Club are second with 4 points. Simba are third with 3 points while Al-Saoura are fourth with two points.

Al-Ahly managed to score the goal through Amr Al-Sulawiya in the 3rd minute, using a cross from inside the penalty area with a header in the net. Ali Maaloul scored a second goal in the 23rd minute.

In the 31st minute, Al-Ahly scored a third goal through Junior Ajay, using a cross from Ali Maalool around them in the goal. In the 33rd minute Al Ahli scored a fourth goal through Walid Nedved after a cross from Al Shahat.

Al Ahli managed to score a fifth goal through Walid Nedved, taking advantage of a home from Hussein Al Shahat before receiving it and sending the ball into the net, ending in the first half with Al Ahly advancing 5-0.

The second half of the game did not see any real chance on both penalties, especially after the big result during the first half, where Ahli's control of the center of the field and the ball with a clear surrender of Simba players, to end the meeting 5-0.

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