"AL-HiLaL" and "AL-ITTiHAD" ( 2-0 ) 🔥 Match Goals HighLights 🏆 MBS

Al Hilal clasico won the Saudi Arabian Cup against Al-Ittihad and Al-Ittihad Al-Ittihad in the match of the 21st round of the Saudi league by winning (2-0), to strengthen its position in the lead, where he raised his score to 52 points, and remained the Union before the last with 15 points.
ملخص مباراة الاتحاد والهلال في الجولة 21

The first half was good on both sides, but Al Hilal was the most dangerous goal on goal, and they almost opened the scoring with a serious attempt in the 35th minute by Mohammed Knoo on the right, but Fawaz Al Qarni saved them at the last minute.

In the second half, the attempts continued, Alexander Berovic tried on the side of the Union in the 50th minute, and in 52 minutes Al Hilal tried to re-Salem Al-Douri after being promoted by veteran Mohammed Al-Shalhoub but without any new on the score.

Sebastien Giovinco then replaced Mohamed Chaloub and a minute later, when he entered the net in the 66th minute, he threatened a serious attempt when he advanced inside the area and hit the ball, but Moroccan defender Marouane da Costa pulled it away.

Giovinco executed the corner kick, lifting it well, to try to Marwan da Costa away, but prepared on the second striker to the French striker Pavtembe Gomes, to be scored by the top scorer brilliantly against goalkeeper Union Fawaz Al-Qarni.

Al-Hilal broke the match in the 82nd minute when he scored the second goal, after a game played Gomez from the right to Giovinco on the border of the penalty area, to play the Italian to Salim Dossari inside the penalty area, and put it in the goal easily.
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