Atletico Madrid and Juventus ( 2-0 ) ⚡ Match Goals & HighLights ⚡ Champions League

Atletico Madrid scored an important win at the expense of Juventus at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, 2-0 in the first round of the Champions League in the second leg of the Champions League. Atletico are close to reaching the quarter-finals, Waiting for the return leg of the Allianz Stadium on March 12.

ملخص مباراة يـوفـنـتوس واتـليـتـكو مـدريـد 0-2 مباراة مجنونة جدا 🔥 - شاشة كاملة

The first half of the game was quick and strong by Atletico Madrid, the owner of the land and the public, before Grizman paid a ball from inside the penalty area amid an error on one Matwidi who stepped on the Grizmann inside the penalty area, and then Cristiano Ronaldo shot a free kick directly in the The minute "9" was barely pushed by Opelak into a corner.

In the 11th minute, Panic sent a cross from a corner on the right, and Bonucci headed the ball over the goal. Thomas Barty fired a shot from outside the penalty area but at 14 minutes, Cesini was confined to the middle of the field amidst a strong dash between the players and without much chance , With a relative advantage by the Atletico Madrid team.

The referee awarded a penalty for Costa but the referee came back and scored a free-kick immediately after using the Gedizman win-win technique, but Cesini put it away in the 28th minute. Debala fired a shot from outside the area in the 33rd minute but between Obelack's keeper, Amid the attempts of the two teams to end the first half 0-0.

In the second half, Atletico Madrid missed a goal after a pass from Grizman alone through the Costa and entered the penalty area before the ball bizarrely close to the goal in the minute "50", and then shot Pianic shot out of the area but near the goal, He scored the first goal after the ball "Loeb" the farthest Chizny and then hit the crossbar.

Costa came in and replaced Murata and then came Thomas Barty and entered instead of Lemar, and then came out Cookie and entered instead of Korea in the minute "66", Murata scored the goal of the head after a cross from Felipe Lewis, but the referee canceled after using the video technology because of a mistake on Murata on Kilini in the 71st minute, then Bianchi came out and replaced Emre Chan.

In the 79th minute, Atletico Madrid scored the goal by Jose Maria Jiménez after a corner and header from Murata. Mandzukic failed to extend the lead in front of Jimenez, who shot the ball into the net. Deppala went into Bernadiski's lead, Disagreement by the Juventus team.

Atletico Madrid scored a second goal through Diego Goodin after a free-kick in the penalty area. Mandzukić pulled it past Gudin, who scored brilliantly in the 83rd minute. Matudi came out and Cansillo came in the 84th minute. Ronaldo passed a ball to Bernardiski His shot was strong but the goalkeeper kept it out, ending the match 2-0.