Manchester City vs Chelsea ( P:4-3 ) 🚨 Match Golas & Highlights - 🔥 EFL Cup Final 🏆

Manchester City crowned the English Premier League Cup After his victory over his counterpart Chelsea on penalties 4-3 After a 0-0 draw with a 0-0 draw at Wembley Stadium in the final This is the sixth meeting of Manchester City in its history and the second in a row.

ملخص مبارة مانشستر سيتي وتشيلسي + ركلات الترجيح 4-3 - نهائى مباراة مجنونة

The first half of the game was relatively quiet between the two teams in the middle of the game, with the advantage of Manchester City in terms of control and possession of the ball with the retreat of Chelsea to their regions and closing areas on the players of the city, where the first "20" minutes Without any serious chances on the net.

In the 22nd minute saw the first opportunity for Manchester City after a long ball from Bernardo to Aguero located inside the penalty area before a shot over the goal, and then Aguero shot from outside the penalty area hit the defender and went easy to goalkeeper Kiba in the minute "27" , And then sent Krzynczyk Cross around it Ottamende but easy at Kiba.

Hazzard almost took the lead after a pass from Willian to Hazard, who snatched the ball into the penalty area and played for the City defenders and fired a shot in the 42th minute. Willian sent a free-kick from Otamende just past the corner 45 minutes into the corner Not exploited, to end the first half with a goalless draw with no goals.

In the second half of the match, Laporte took the place and replaced Company by Man City. Manchester City scored the goal through Aguero but the referee canceled the goal for infiltration after using the video technology in the 57th minute, Hazard sent a cross from the left side of the area The penalty, but Ottamende is barely beyond.

Chelsea missed a goal after a ball from Hazard, who entered the area skillfully and sent a cross over Kanti with a shot over the goal in the "66" minute, De Bruin shot a strong free-kick but directly above the goal in the "73", Chelsea missed a goal after A pass from Hazard to Willian who sent an occasional defense.

David Silva and Gundogan replaced him by Manchester City, then Pedro came out and replaced by Oduy by Chelsea in the "79" minute, De Bruin came out and Sani entered in the 85th minute, Barclay came out and replaced Loftus Chek in the minute " 88 ", Willian sent a free-kick from Ederson to a corner in the" 90 + 2 "minute.

The referee ended the second half with a 0-0 draw. The two teams took over for the extra time. Fernandinho was injured because of injury and Danilo took the lead. Jondogan then fired a powerful but faraway shot. Then Villian went out and replaced Higuain. Hazard sent a dangerous cross from inside the box. The right side was in Ederson's lap in the 98th minute.

Giorinho fired a powerful but near the goal in the minute "101" ended the first extra half, Man City almost to score the goal of the progress is a cross from Strng defender beyond the front of Aguero and then put it away Kiba and broke the defense in the minute "110", Aguero shot a strong shot from Outside the penalty area, kick it off twice, with the extra runs ending 0-0.

In the penalty shootout, Giorinho and Luiz lost to Azbiliquita, Emerson and Hazzard by Chelsea, while Gondogan, Aguero, Bernardo, Sterling and Udre Sani scored from Manchester City to lead Manchester City 4-3 on penalties.