"Barcelona" vs "Valladolid" ( 1-0 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 LaLiga

Barcelona scored an impressive win at home to Valladolid in the 24th round of the Primera Liga, In the game at Camp Nou, to raise the score to 54 points, to strengthen his position in the lead, in contrast, the balance of Valladolid at 26 points in the fifteenth.

ملخص مباراة برشـ لونـة وبـلـد الـولـيـد 1-0 مـيـسي يهدر ركلة جزاء 🔥 - شاشة كاملة

In the third minute, the first attempt for Valladolid was scored by goalkeeper Anis Onal, who was saved by Ter Stegen. In the 11th minute, Barcelona responded with a serious attempt to pass from Lionel Messi to Ghana's Kevin Prince Boateng but goalkeeper Jordi Masip. For Valladolid in the minute grabbed by the keeper.

Barcelona tried again by Kevin Prince Boateng, who fired a powerful shot in the 22nd minute from outside the area and was dealt off by goalkeeper Massip brilliantly. In the 27th minute, Osman Dembili fired a powerful shot from outside the area and went far from the crossbar and turned into a goal kick. Hit in the Valladolid team's defense and went out.

In the 41st minute, the referee awarded a penalty for Barcelona after Gerrard Pique was blocked in the penalty area to be successfully executed by Lionel Messi to the left of the goalkeeper. At the start of the second half, Barcelona pushed to reach the second goal. Messi fired a shot in the 49th minute, Valladolid responded with an attempt by goalkeeper Stegen.

In the 61st minute, Barcelona made the first pass to Suarez instead of Boateng. Two minutes later, Vidal passed the ball to Suarez in a serious attempt saved by the keeper. In the 67th minute, Messi put Luis Suarez into the net with a powerful shot from goalkeeper Massip, Another, and a strong shot also met Masip.

In the 72nd minute, Dempsey went out and Philippe Coutinho, Messi tried again with a shot that missed the goal, and then Messi shot another ball away from the goal. In the 85th minute the referee awarded another penalty to Barcelona, ​​Messi's shot, but this goal was repelled by Massip. The second goal was a serious attempt in the 88th minute but the ball was lost.
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