'Juventus' and 'Parma' ( 3-3 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights ! Serie A

Parma team grabbed a draw from an exciting and dramatic canines team Juventus, at the meeting, which was held this evening on the floor of the stadium "Allianz Stadium (Torino)" 3-3, in the twenty-second round of Serie A.

ملخص مباراة يوفنتوس وبارما 3-3🔥 ثنائية المدمر رونالدو🔥 جنون حفيظ دراجي

Juventus, who have been up to 60 points at the top of the overall standings, are nine points clear of their nearest rivals Napoli, while Parma are up 29 points in 12th.

Juventus managed to score Cristiano Ronaldo's lead in the 36th minute after Matilde's cross before passing it to Cristiano Ronaldo, who hit a ball and hit the net.

In the 62rd minute, Juventus scored a second goal from Danieli Rojani after a shot hit Medvaje Parma and then reached Mendzukic, who sent a cross from Ronaldo to Rogani.

Parma managed to score a goal in the 64th minute by Antonio Barilla after a ball reached Kushka on the right side before sending a cross into the area around the corner.

Juventus scored the third goal (Cristiano Ronaldo) in the minute "66", after a ball arrived in Mandzukic on the right side before sending a cross around Cristiano Ronaldo header in the ground in the goal.

In the 74th minute, Parma scored a second goal through Quasi Gervinho after a cross with a cross in the net, and then Quasi Gervinho returned with a third goal in the 90th minute.