Liverpool vs Bayern Munich ⚡ Match Goals & HighLights ⚡ Champions League

Bayern Munich scored a 0-0 draw against Liverpool in an evening meeting on Anfield Stadium in a 16-round Champions League game. The return leg will be played on March 13 at the Allianz Stadium. Arina "in order to qualify for the quarter-finals of the tournament.

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The first half of the game was relatively quiet between the two teams in the middle of the game blockage, while the minute "12" saw the first opportunity for Liverpool after a long ball and reached Salah in the penalty area around her but Noir met her, and then sent a cross from the right side Mattip pushed her away to hit Allison and then the defense broke up.

In the minute "15" Mani shot from inside the penalty area but next to the post shortly, and then passed James Rodriguez a ball to Koman inside the penalty area to score a ball in the outer net, and then sent Arnold cross from the inside of the penalty area on the left side around Salah head but next to A little in the "23" minute, to continue the priority of the Reds.

Liverpool missed an opportunity to score a goal after a shot from Keita crashed in Zulu and then a career in front of Mani, who shot the ball near the post in the minute "32", shot Janabri from the inside of the penalty area Alison left to corner in the minute "37", and then passed Salah ball To Freminho, who sent a cross around Mtaib next to the post, to end the first half 0-0.

At the start of the second half, he was quick and strong on the part of the Liverpool side, with a disciplined Bayern team, before Koman went off to the penalty area and sent a cross to Levandowski, but Matip fired the ball in the 51st minute. Liverpool missed an opportunity But Zola ran away and Salah did not benefit from the ball.

In the 57th minute, Jannabri fired a powerful shot from outside the penalty area just above the goal. Liverpool's attempts continued amid a retreat from Bayern players who relied on the apostates. To threaten Noir's goal from inside the penalty area but the defender kept the ball away.

Nabi Keita and Ferminho took the lead in the 75th minute. Kuman went out and Ribery came in the 81st minute. Liverpool almost grabbed the lead after a cross from Rovertson and a header from Mani but Noir narrowed it in the 85th minute. Janabri replaced Kimic in the minute "90 + 1", and ends with a draw 0-0.

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