Man.City vs Schalke ( 3-2 )⚡ Match Goals & HighLights ⚡ Champions League

Manchester City made a great comeback in the Champions League final round match at the expense of Schalke 04 at the Veltins Arena and won a 3-2 win at the FA Cup.

ملخص مباراة مانشـستـر سيتي وشالـكة 3-2 🔥 مباراة مجنوونة 🔥 أهداف كاملة

ملخص آخر

The first attempt in the game was in the fifth minute of the city with a Stirling cross, but the defense kept it away. In the seventh minute, Spanish star David Silva played a cross that Aguero met with a header but goalkeeper Farman blocked.

The Citizen opened the scoring in the 18th minute, after David Silva pressed the Schalke defender, and sent the ball to Sergio Aguero in the penalty area, ending the Argentine star in the nets of the owners of the ground, and the English team to meet.

In the 25th minute, the Schalke team responded with a shot from Outh but went past Ederson's right-footer. In the 33rd minute, the visitors tried again with a free kick from Belgium's Kevin De Bruin, but the keeper grabbed it.

The referee was awarded a penalty after returning to the video technique for the Schalke team, which was successfully translated by Algerian star Nabil Ben Taleb in the 38th minute. The German team ended the first half with a second goal from another penalty scored by Ben Taleb.

The second half of the second half was followed by De Bruigna's shot from the left post and Sergio Aguero's shot in the 51st minute missed the goal. In the 56th minute, Elkay Gundogan hit a new ball that did not come off again.

In the 68th minute Manchester City's plight increased with Argentine defender Niklas Ottamende being sent off after a second warning and waited until the 85th minute when substitute Leroy Sani scored a superb free kick.

In the last minute of the game, City snatched the winning goal, after a shot from the penalty area by goalkeeper Ederson towards the penalty area of ​​Schalke, kidnapped by Rahim Sterling from the defender, and went to the goal and netted the net with great skill.