Barcelona vs Real Madrid ( 3-0 ) 🔥 EL-Clásico HighLihts 🔥 Copa del Rey

Barcelona qualified for the King's Cup final after a 3-0 win over Real Madrid at the home of the King's Cup semi-final at the Santiago Bernabeu, while the first leg was over. With a 1-1 draw at Camp Nou. This is the sixth successive win for the Catalan club.

ملخص مباراة برشلونـة وريـال مـدريـد 3-0 هاتريك سواريز وجنون عصام الشوالي

The start of the first half was calm between the two teams amid the blockage of play in the average and the transfer of ball between the players of the two teams, while the minute "8" the first opportunity for Barcelona after a cross from Dembili arrived at Suarez, who sent a cross but Regalion farthest at the last moment, Madrid penalty kick for Vinicos in the 14th minute.

In the 18th minute, Real missed a goal after a pass from Benzema to Venecius, who shot the ball just above the goal. Dembele then sent a dangerous cross but Faran passed it to a corner. Benzema then passed a cross that reached Vincius, Defense, and then Dembili passed a dangerous cross without a follower.

Real Madrid missed a goal after a ball from Casimiro to Venecius, who entered the penalty area and shot the ball past the defense and then passed Vinicius to Benzema, who shot the ball past Terchtejn in the 36th minute, Real Madrid missed a goal after a cross from Regalion around Vinicius just above the goal. Minute "37", to end after the first half 0-0.

In the second half of the game Benzema sent a cross from inside the penalty area but the defense kept it in the 46th minute. Messi sent a cross around Pique with a header in the 49th minute. Luis Suarez scored the lead after a pass to Dembele who Send a cross from inside the penalty box around Suarez with a shot in the net.

Crosse fired a powerful shot from outside the box above the goal in the 52nd minute. Regalion sent a dangerous cross from Vázquez and the defense put it away in the 59th minute. Real Madrid almost equalized after a cross from Venecius and a superb header from Regalion, A saved goal from a goal in the minute "62" of the time of the meeting.

Venecius equalized after entering the penalty area and hit a shot in the defender Simedo in the 67th minute and then into an unexploited corner. Lukas Vasquez then entered Gareth Bell in the 68th minute. Barcelona scored a second goal through defender Rafael Faran ) By mistake after a cross from Dimbili in the 69th minute.

In the 71st minute, the referee awarded a penalty for Barcelona Inberra (Los Suarez) for the third goal, and then Casimiro came out and entered the Valverde, and then went out of the Dembeli and entered Coutinho, Vinicius came out and entered Asencio in the 80th minute, Busquets and replaced Arthur in the minute "85", the minutes pass and the meeting ends 3-0.
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