Real Madrid vs Girona ( 1-2 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 LaLiga

Girona's heart beat Real Madrid 2-1 at the Santiago Bernabeu in the 24th round of La Liga. Real Madrid have a point of 45 points, two points behind Atletico, nine points behind Barcelona, while Girona has risen 27 points to 15th.

ملخص مباراة ريـال مـدريـد وجـيـرونــا 1-2 سقوط الملكي 🔥 - شاشة كاملة

The first half of the game was quick by Girona, amid a relative decline from Real Madrid, with the first ten minutes without any danger to the two goals, while the minute saw the "12" first chance after a cross from Asencio on the left side away The defense was followed by Asencio by a crossbar but the defender kept her away again.

In the 17th minute Real Madrid almost scored the goal after a ball from Crosse to Vázquez, who entered the area skillfully before sending the ball past the goalkeeper brilliantly, and then sent Asencio dangerous cross but without follower, while Girona almost grabbed the goal progress after rebounding It ended when Steewani, who fired a shot from outside the penalty area, was sent off by Kurtwa.

Real Madrid scored the goal of the progress through (Kasimiro) in the minute "25" after a corner left by the keeper to reach the cross, who sent a cross from the right side around Casimiro header in the net, sent Odriozola cross from the right side CAD Benzema to turn the net but the ball passed from In front of him, Marcelo fired a powerful ball over the goal.

Girona almost grabbed the equalizer in the 40th minute after a powerful shot from outside the penalty area but just outside the post, Benzema threw the ball into the penalty area before sending a powerful shot, but the goalkeeper cleverly saved it. Marcelo scored a second goal, Sneak, to end after the first half with the progress of Real Madrid 1-0.

In the second half of the match, Marcelo shot a powerful ball on the line of the penalty area but the goalkeeper Bono put it to the corner in the "46", Asencio fired a free kick and the defense left it to Benzema, who shot in the penalty area but near the Qaim slightly to the corner was not exploited. Minute "48", Benzema wasted a goal after a cross from Asencio.

Girona missed a goal after a cross and then headed off by Cortois, followed by Alex Garcia with a shot on top of the net in the 59th minute. The referee awarded a penalty for Girona against Ramos, who scored the equalizer in the 64th minute. Marco Ascencio and Gareth Bell took the lead in the 65th minute.

Girona scored a second goal through Portugues, who shot from inside the penalty area but in the post in the 70th minute. Sibayos went out and Dabla's Mariano Diaz scored in the 73rd minute. Girona scored a second goal through Christian Portugues, After Lozano's shot from inside the penalty area, Curtua pushed her away and Porto followed with a header.

Vinceos fired a shot from inside the penalty area but just above the goal in the 76th minute, Oderiosola sent a passing cross to Vincius, who fired a shot from outside the box near the goal, but Bill managed to score the equalizer but the goalkeeper kept the ball in the 85th minute. Second yellow card in the 90th minute, ending with a 2-1 win over Girona.

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