Tottenham and B.Dortmund ( 3-0 ) ⚡ Match Goals & HighLights ⚡ Champions League

Tottenham Hotspur team put England ahead in the quarter-finals of the Champions League victory in the first leg final price match held at Wembley Stadium on the home team's lead to Borussia Dortmund (3-0).

ملخص مباراة توتنهام هوتسبير و بوروسيا دورتموند

In the 15th minute, Borussia Dortmund almost opened the scoring after the ball was grabbed by American Christian Policic, from Tottenham defender Juan Voith in the penalty area, and then shot towards the goal, but keeper Spurs Hugo Torres to tackle.

Axel Vetsel fired another shot from outside the area and Llorese grabbed it in the 20th minute. In the 33rd minute, Ereksen hit the ball and Deliani hit the ball with a dangerous shot from Dortmund.

In the 36th minute, Dortmund keeper Roman Burke took a very serious attempt to land with Korea's Sun, and Hugo Lauris saved the visitors a goal in the last minute of the first half with a header from his compatriot Dan Axel Zagado.

In the second minute of the second half, the English capital scored the goal, after a cross from the left by Belgian Jan Vertekchen, met by Sun Hyong Min one touch brilliantly in the net against the German team.

Dortmund then tried to react, but did not manage to form a serious threat to Tottenham's goal, which in turn attempted to snatch a second goal, and managed to do so in the 83rd minute through the brilliant Vertekchen after a cross from the right by Orié.

In the 86th minute, Tottenham managed to add a third goal after a goal by Christian Ereksen from a corner. The Spanish striker Fernando Llorente gave him a superb header to the left of goalkeeper Roman Borque.