Al Ahly and Vita Club ( 0-1 ) 🏆 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 CAF Champions League

Egypt's Al Ahly received a disappointing and fatal defeat by their team Vita Club Congolese in the meeting held today evening at Al-Shuhada Stadium, 1-0, in the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League, The lead temporarily, while Vita Club increased its lead to 7 points in second place temporarily.

ملخص مباراة الاهلي وفيتا كلوب 0-1🔥 خسارة قاسية لـ الاهلي

The first half of the game did not see much opportunity between the two teams, amid a relative advantage from Vita Club, before passing a skillful Nasser passed the ball behind the defense to Karim Walid, who was unique but slowed down and passed a cross that hit the rebound quickly to become a corner in the minute " 2 "and Ahli almost scored a goal in the 12th minute but the ball into a corner.

Al-Ahly goalkeeper Al-Shennawi left the pitch in the 24th minute after a cross that was successfully broken but fell wrongly on the pitch to replace his ankle. Al-Ahly continued his offensive attempts against Vita Club. Marwan Mohsen was only 37 minutes "But the defense comes in at the right time and its fall away.

Al-Ahli almost received a goal in the minute "45 + 2" after a cross on the remote run out Ali Lotfi in her guard to play the striker Club head to his teammate with a net to turn it with a header hit the post and the net Ahli defense, the referee took 5 minutes instead of lost in the first half but did not witness Any serious chances, to end the first half with a draw with no goals.

In the second half of the match, Al Ahli entered the team and was close to the goal of progress in the "47" after a shot from Nasser Maher beyond the goalkeeper to bounce to follow Marwan Mohsen Ajayi around the head headed towards the net but the goalkeeper away to follow Karim Nedved with a shot close to the goalkeeper again Vita Club, in the most serious chances Ahli team.

In the 52rd minute, Nasser Maher passed a pass from behind the Vita Club defenses to be immediately repaid by Ramadan Subhi, but the goalkeeper of Vita Club found the ball in his hands. Ahli tried to reach the net again in the 63rd minute after a shot from Marwan Mohsen from outside the area The penalty was taken from the goalkeeper inside the penalty area and did not find a match in front of the net.

Vita Club returned to control the ball amid a decline by the players of the team Ahli, who relied on the mattress, and in the "69" almost Vita Club to score the goal of a powerful shot from the left Ali Lutfi deal with it to turn into a corner did not benefit from the team Congolese, Hussein Alshabab shot a ball between the guard.

In the 85th minute, Vita Club scored the goal after a ball to the left and then a pass to Tusela Kissinda who shot the ball out of the box. , Vita Club sent a powerful shot past the keeper, ending the match 1-0.
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