"Al-Ahli" and "Raed" ( 4-5 ) 🔥 Match Goals HighLights 🏆 MBS

Al-Raed Saudi Club beat Al-Ahli in an exciting and exciting match which saw nine goals scored. Al-Raed won five goals against 4.

ملخص مًخصر لمباراة الأهلي والرائد

Al-Omari scored the first goal in the 5th minute, Saleh Al Shahri scored the second in the 6th minute, before Muhannad Asiri cut the score to Al Ahli in the tenth minute, and in the 20th minute Salman scored the equalizer for Ahly.

The excitement did not stop, but Ahli returned in the 27th minute to progress with a goal scored by Tayseer Al-Jasim, and in the 53rd minute Assiri scored again to raise the score to 4-2 for Al-Ahly.

The lead did not stand idly by, as Saleh Al Shehri scored a hat-trick in the 62nd, 68th and 70th minutes, lifting the score to 5-4 for the lead.

Al Ahli have been stuck at 40 after 24 games and still have a postponed game, while the lead has raised their points to 31 points in tenth place.

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