Al Ahly and chbiba de la Saoura ( 3-0 ) 🏆 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 CAF Champions League

Egypt's Al Ahly qualified for the quarter-finals of the African Champions League after a disappointing 3-0 win over Al-Saoura in the sixth round of the group stage.

ملخص الاهلي وشبيبة الساورة 3-0 كامل تألق معلول و مروان- دوري ابطال افريقيا

Al-Ahly lifted their points to 10 points in the first place in Group D and qualified for the quarter-finals, while Al-Saoura were held to 8 points and Sabima qualified for the quarter-finals with 9 points after beating Vita Club 7-4.

Al-Ahli took control of the first half, before scoring the goal by Fatih Saleh, after passing a pass to Ali Maaloul who sent a cross to Marwan Mohsen to hit the ball in the light and hit the net.

In the 45th minute, Al Ahli scored a second goal through Marwan Mohsen after a goal ball from Ali Maaloul on the left side was picked up by Mohsen before he hit a goal in the net.

In the second half, Marwan Mohsen scored a third goal after a cross from Maalouw, who raised Marwan with a header just off the post. Nasser Maher fired a powerful shot from outside the area but the Saour keeper narrowed it into a corner.

In the 81rd minute, Al-Ahli scored a third goal through Hussein Al-Shahat after a start from Subhi on the left side and then entered the penalty area and passed it to Al Shahat who manipulated the defender and hit the ball in the goal.

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