DERBI "AL-Hilal" vs "AL-Nassr" ( 2-3 ) 🔥 Cra⚡y Match Goals and HighLights 🏆 MBS League

The match DERBI between Al Hilal and Al Nasr ended with a 3-2 victory For Al-Nasr to take the top spot in the Saudi league. Al-Nasr lifted its lead to 58 points after the win, taking the lead at the expense of Al Hilal, who are free of 57 points in second place.

الملخص المختصر لمباراة النصر والهلال

Al-Nasr opened the match in the 46th minute with Morocco's brilliant scorer Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah, and the world did not last long. Ali Al-Belihi only equalized the score for Al Hilal in the 53rd minute.

Al Hilal midfielder Mohamed Ibrahim Knou was sent off in the 67th minute after receiving the second yellow card, making Al Nasr win again.

In the 77th minute of the match, the victory came a second goal in the game by Bruno Ofini, to make it 2-1 in favor of victory.

The victory and his fans did not rejoice much in this progress. After just two minutes, Salem Al Dosari scored the second goal of the match and equalized the score.

The Turkish referee Shaker scored 7 minutes extra time, and Moroccan Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah took the third goal in the 96th minute.

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