Arsenal vs Manchester United ( 2-0 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLihts 🔥 Premier League

Arsenal scored an impressive win against Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium in the English Premier League with a 2-0 victory over Arsenal in the 30th round of the Premiership, Manchester United have 58 points and are down to fifth.

ملخص مباراة ارسنال ومانشستر يونايتد 2-0 🔥مباراة مثيرة ومجنونة 🔥 ملخص كامل

The start of the first half was quickly followed by Arsenal and the crowd. Colasinak sent a cross from Lazazit in the second minute, while Manchester United almost made a comeback after a cross from Luc Shaw on the left-hand corner around Lucaco, Inside the penalty area with a shot that hit the horizontal bar.

In the 12th minute, Arsenal scored the goal with a shot from outside the penalty area by goalkeeper De Chia. Manchester United came close to scoring after a pass from Freddy Pogba from outside the penalty area but in the left post of goalkeeper Lino. Minute "18", then move the defense ball in front of Rushford.

Colasinac sent a cross from the inside of the box in the 29th minute but without a follow-up from the defenders, while Manchester United almost equalized by Lukako in the 35th minute after entering the penalty area, And then followed by Lukako by a cross without follow-up, to end the first half with the progress of Arsenal 1-0.

In the second half of the match, Manchester United wasted a goal after a pass from a pass from Rashford to Lukako, who shot the ball away Lino saved the goal of the goal of the investigator in the minute "50", missed Manchester United chance of a goal after a pass from the home of Bogba to Rushford but the goalkeeper Lino came out at the right time and grabbed the ball.

Chaka fired a shot from outside the penalty area but just past the goal in the 65th minute, the referee awarded a penalty for Lazazet's Pierre Emeric Obamyang to score the second goal in the 69th minute. Dalut came out and Marciel replaced him. The goal of the investigator after he was alone in the goalkeeper De Chia and shot a ball but next to the goal.

Ozil came out and Ayubi came in from Arsenal's side. Obamyang went out and Denis Suarez got in the 80th minute. Matic then went in instead of Greenwood. Aioubi sent a dangerous cross from the right side, which Farid left at the last minute. From Necetia, the minutes passed through attempts by Aljabin, to end the meeting with the victory of Arsenal.
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