Liverpool and Bayern Munich ( 3-1 ) ⚡ Match Goals & HighLights ⚡ Champions League

Liverpool qualified for the quarter-finals of the Champions League following a deserved win against Bayern Munich 3-1 at the home of the 16th round of the European Championship, at the meeting on the grounds of "Allianz Arena", while the first leg between the two teams Ended in a 0-0 draw at Anfield.

ملخص ليفربول وبايرن ميونخ 3-1 - تاهل تاريخى 🔥 جنون عصام الشوالي

The first half of the game was quiet between the two teams amidst the blockage of play in the middle of the field, while the minute "8" the first shot in the half by Alcantara but his ball over the goal, and then fell Lefandovsky inside the penalty area amid demands for a penalty but the referee asked to continue playing , Then Henderson went out to the Spaniard and entered Fabenho.

Freminho fired a powerful shot from outside the area in the 24th minute, just behind the goal. In the 26th minute, Liverpool scored a goal from Sadio Mani after a long ball from the Reds defender reached Mani in the penalty area. Noir before Mani dodged the Bavarian defender and goalkeeper Noir before putting the ball into the empty goal.

Levandowski fired a shot from outside the area in the 29th minute but it was easy for Allison. The Reds launched a counterattack that ended with a pass from Manny Li Robertson, who shot the ball past Noir, and Joel Matib scored the equalizer for Bayern after a ball from the corner, Alba fired a free-kick with a free kick, but Al-Oula did not hit twice.

In the second half of the game, Liverpool almost scored a second goal after a rebound ended with a pass to Salah, who shot the ball on the edge of the area beyond Manuel Noir in the minute "50", Liverpool control of the ball amid the decline of the Bavarian, and in the "60" Janapri sent a dangerous cross that passed in front of Levandowski in a strange way.

Ribery was knocked out by Bayern Munich and replaced by Coman in the 61st minute. Liverpool sent a dangerous cross from corner Manuel Manuel Neuer narrowly into the corner (Vergil van Dyck) to score the second goal in the 69th minute. From Lyon Joritska in the "72" minute, Salah almost added a third goal but Noir farthest.

James Rodriguez came out and replaced Renato Sanchez, Ferminho fired a shot from outside the box in the arms of Noir, Renato fired a ball from outside the box next to the goal, and then came out of Ferminho and entered Origi, Liverpool scored a third goal through (Sadio Mani) , Minler went out and replaced Lana in the 89th minute, ending the match 3-1.