Portugal Vs Serbia ( 1-1 ) Match Goals & HighLights ⭐ UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying

The Portuguese team took the draw at the expense of their Serbian counterpart, in a meeting held this evening on the floor of the stadium "light" in Lisbon, in the second round of qualifying for the European Nations Cup "Euro 2020".

ملخص مباراة البرتغال وصربيا 1-1 - اصابة الدون - تعليق خالد الحدي

Portugal rose to two points in third place in the second set, and raised Serbia's credit to two points and play a fourth game, while Ukraine lead the group with 4 points, then Luxembourg with 3 points, and Lithuania fifth without points.

The Serbian team managed to score the goal by Dusan Tadic in the 7th minute after the referee awarded a penalty for the Serbian team, which was translated by Ajax Tadic to the goal of progress for the guests.

While the Portuguese managed to score the equalizer through (Danilo Pereira) in the minute "42", after he launched the ball before striking a wonderful ball from outside the penalty area shook the Serbian team, to end the meeting with a 1-1 draw.

Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo was out for the first half.

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