Real Madrid and Valladolid ( 4-1 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 La Liga

Real Madrid regained its balance and the tone of the victories after the victory of the evening on the expense of his team Valladolid 4-1, in the matches of the twenty-seventh round of the Spanish league "Allega", raising Real Madrid to 51 points in third place, while The Valladolid team were held at 26 points in 17th place.

ملخص مباراة ريال مدريد وبلد الوليد 4-1🔥 ثنائية كريم بنزيما

The first half of the game was quickly followed by Valladolid's home side and the public, with Valladolid playing a free-kick cross with a header over the goal in the second minute. Real Madrid responded with a cross from Luca Modric from the side The right-footer pulled her off with a header at the last minute in the 7th minute.

In the 12th minute, the referee made a penalty against Ordezola. Alcarez fired the ball over the net, and Valladolid scored the goal with Guardiola in the 13th minute. After a cross-ball but canceled for infiltration after the use of video technology.

Benzima fired a shot from inside the penalty area but the ball went into the net after 23 minutes, and then the Valladolid team continued to lose the lead. The Valladolid team scored the goal of Anwar Mohammed in the 29th minute after a cross to Inside the penalty area, Guardiola made an accidental pass through Anwar in front of goalkeeper Tibo Cortua.

Real Madrid managed to score the equalizer through Rafael Paran after a corner by Tony Crosse into the area. The goalkeeper failed to play in front of Faran who hit the ball in the net. Casimero almost scored a second goal with a shot from outside the penalty area, In the 44th minute, the first half ended 1-1.

In the second half of the game, Valladolid almost scored a second team after a ball reached the player Valladolid, who placed a ball over the keeper but next to the goal, and then almost Anwar Mohammed to add a second goal after a private express to pay a ball next to the post in the minute " 50 ", and then put the penalty in favor of Alvaro Audrizola in the" 51 ".

The Frenchman (Karim Benzema) scored the second goal for Real Madrid after the penalty was successful, Real Madrid almost scored a third goal after a cross and reached Cebayos, but the goalkeeper sent them to a corner in the minute "57", and then scored a third goal Real Madrid Through Karim Benzema after a corner of the cross around her Benzema header in the net.

In the 73rd minute, Tony Crosse came out and entered Valverde, and then Essenio went off the ball and sent a pass to Valverde but the defender came in at the last minute. Valladolid almost scored a second goal after a corner played into The area then shot from Guardiola but it hit the ramp.

Casimiro came out with a second yellow card to play Real Madrid with 10 men in the 80th minute. Real Madrid scored a fourth goal from Luca Modric using a pass from Benzema before entering the penalty area and sprinting the ball into the net in the 86th minute. Varean and Vallejo and Marcelo, to end the meeting 4-1 in favor of the White Club.
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