Real Madrid and F.C Barcelona ( 0-1 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 LaLiga

Barcelona have won a valuable win over Real Madrid in the evening meeting on the floor of the stadium, "Santiago Bernabeu" 1-0 in the framework of the twenty-sixth of the Spanish Leiga, Barcelona to raise the score to 60 points in the lead and 10 points away temporarily from Atletico Madrid Who will play tomorrow, while Real Madrid are stuck at 48 in third place.

ملخص مباراة برشلونـة وريـال مـدريـد 1-0 تألق البارسا وجنون رؤوف خليف 🔥 الكلاسيكو

With the start of the second half, Real get a free-kick in the second minute, but Bill went over the goal without any title. Messi then passed the ball to Suarez but Fran intervened and pushed the ball into the corner in the 4th minute. Rijelon passed a ball to Benzema Who entered the penalty area and shot the ball but is far from goalkeeper Terje Stegen.

Vincius sent a cross ball received by Faran and then shot a ball from inside the penalty area hit the Linglet and then followed by Crosse with a shot arrived at Stegen Sagla, Barcelona missed the goal of the investigator after a ball reached Messi from Luis Suarez inside the penalty area to put Messi ball over the goalkeeper Cortwa next to you ball The goal is just a minute "19".

Real Madrid responded after a volley by Venecius, who entered the area and sent a cross to Benzema, who passed on to Modric, who shot Piqué in the 22nd minute. Barcelona scored the lead by Ivan Rakic, taking advantage of a pass from Roberto before putting the ball into the net, and Modric sent a cross from the defense.

Rijelion fired a powerful shot from outside the penalty area but shortly after the goal in the 31st minute, and after Messi fired a free-kick just above the goal in the "36", Suarez shot a strong shot from outside the penalty area, Curtua, Modric's header went over the goal, ending the first half 1-0.

In the second half of the game, Barcelona almost scored a second goal after a solitary Suarez to enter the penalty area, but the goalkeeper away and then the crossbar Ramos in front of Messi in the minute "52", Tony Crosse came in instead of Valverde, Inside the penalty area Terre Steigen tackled her twice.

Deppmile fired a shot from the inside of the net in the 55th minute. Alba sent a cross from the inside of the penalty box, but with a corner kick in the 57th minute, Venisos almost equalized from a shot from inside the penalty area, In the 59th minute, Gareth Bell came in and replaced Asuncio.

Messi fired a cross from inside the penalty area but without a follow-up in the 69th minute, Dembaili almost scored the second goal of a pass from Messi before making a shot near the post in the 70th minute. Then Arthur Millio stepped in and replaced Vidal, A strong ball from outside the penalty area but above the goal, then came out Casimiro and entered instead of Isco.

Dimaibli came in and replaced Coutinho in the 77th minute. Both teams continued their attempts, especially from Real Madrid. Benzima fired a shot from outside the area and the keeper blocked it twice in the 86th minute. Simido went out and replaced the 90- 1 ", Messi shot a superb ball from outside the penalty area next to the goal, to end the meeting 1-0.