Spain Vs Norway ( 2-1 ) Match Goals & HighLights ⭐ UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying

The Spanish team won an important and deserved victory at the expense of his team, the Norwegian team, in the meeting, which was held today on the floor of the stadium, "Mestaya" 2-1, in the opening of the qualifying for the European Nations Cup "Euro 2020".

ملخص مباراة اسبـا نيـا والنر ويـج 2-1 I مباراة ممتعة وقوووية I جنون المعلق

The Spanish team lifted their points to 3 points in Group F in the lead Sweden and Malta, who beat Romania and the Faroe Islands respectively Norway, Romania and the Faroe Islands come with no points in the group.

The first half of the game saw a preference and control from the Spanish side, which created many opportunities, especially from Murata, who missed many opportunities, amidst the brilliance of the goalkeeper of the Norwegian team, who saved him from several opportunities.

The Spanish team was able to score the goal of the lead by (Rodrigo Moreno) in the 16th minute after a cross from Alba arrived at Moreno, who shot the ball in the net, and then continued attempts Spain to strengthen the result.

The Norwegian team did not create a threat to the Spanish team and goalkeeper De Chia except for a cross from inside the penalty area the Norwegian failed to turn the net in a very strange way, ending the first half with a 1-0 lead by Spain.

During the second half, Spain's preference continued to create many opportunities for scoring, but failed to translate their advantage on goals, before Norway received a penalty from which Guashua Kenia scored the equalizer.

In the 71st minute, the referee awarded Alfaro Murata a penalty for Sergio Ramos, who took the shot on the Paninka road with a second goal. Asinso wasted a goal in the 90th minute, ending the match 2-1 to the Spaniards.

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