Italy Vs Liechtenstein ( 6-0 ) Match Goals & HighLights ⭐ UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying

Italy beat Liechtenstein 6-0 in the 6-0 win at the Enio Tardini Stadium In the framework of the matches of the second round of qualifying for the European Nations Cup "Euro 2020".

اهداف مباراة ايطاليا وليشتنشتاين 6-0 \ تصفيات امم اوروبا \ سداسية تاريخية

Italy have 6 points in the top 10, while Liechtenstein are fifth without points.

The Italian side opened the match with Sasulo's Stefano Sensei after a cross from Spinazola on the left-hand side of the net, with Sevilla's header in the 17th minute.

In the 32nd minute, Italy scored a second goal from Marco Veratti after a shot from inside the penalty area caught Liechtenstein's lead, and the Italians continued their efforts amid a decline from the guests.

Italy's Fabio Quagliarella scored a third goal with 35 minutes and Daniel Kaufman was sent off by Fabio Quagliarella.

In the second half, Italy scored a fifth goal through Moise Kane with a header in the 70th minute. Leonardo Bafolletti scored a sixth goal after a cross from the keeper and then again in the net.

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