Barcelona and Lyon ( 5-1 ) ⚡ Match Goals & HighLights ⚡ Champions League

Barcelona, who finished the quarter-finals of the Champions League with a big win at Olympique Lyon 5-1 in the second round of the final round, after the end of the first leg in France 0-0, where the team made Alcateloni strong performance in the Most of the times of the game, which saw some difficult moments especially in the first part of the second half.

ملخص مباراةبرشلونة وليون 5-1 🔥 تألق ميسى - تأهل برشلونة 🔥 تعليق حفيظ دراجي

Barca's pressure from the start of the meeting for the opening of the registration, and made some attempts, that the referee awarded him a penalty, after his attacker Luis Suarez to block the defender Leon Jason Dyneier within the region, to translate Lionel Messi superbly in the goal at the 18th minute, To draw a very dangerous shot from Moussa Dembili in the 21st minute.

Alcateloni's second goal came in the 31st minute after Luis Suarez's shot into the penalty area and then passed the ball to Philippe Coutinho after crossing the goalkeeper in front of the empty goal. For his inability to complete the game, and replaced his colleague Matthew Gurgelin.

The next few minutes saw several serious chances for Barcelona from Messi's saved ball, Luis Suarez's very dangerous shot past the right-footer of the French side, Ivan Rakitic's shot on the crossbar and other balls, especially from the active Suarez. He did, but the break ended with Barcelona advancing 2-0.

With the start of the second half, Lyon were looking for a return in the game, and had some serious attempts, most notably the shot of Nabil poor, which was very close to the goal in the 57th minute, came the goal of reducing the difference in the 61st minute, after a ball set for midfielder Lucas Tusar inside The area to take her by the chest and shoot it brilliantly to the right of Terje Stegen in the goal.

In the 66th minute, Coutinho scored the opportunity for the third goal, after a superb ball between the players of the Barça, and in the 73rd minute Barcelona made the first switch to enter Dembili instead of Coutinho, and after a few minutes passed through the nerves of the ground came the vulva for Lionel Messi Messi in the 78th minute after the effort Stunning, and then shot a shot through the goal despite the keeper trying to repel it.

In the 82nd minute the fourth goal came after a ball Messi to Gerard Pique, who settled in the net, after which Barça ended the substitutes to enter Simedo instead of Roberto, having entered Arturo Vidal, and Dembeli and then came the fifth goal of the Blaugrana, after a ball passed Messi to Osman Dembili to put The French star managed to reach Olympique Lyon in the 86th minute.