Match Barcelona and Real Betis ( 4-1 ) Goals HighLights 🔥 La Liga

Barcelona won an important win at the expense of Real Betis in the game of the twenty-eighth round of the Primera Liga, the result of (4-1) To raise the score to 66 points, and deepen the difference with the pursuit of Atletico Madrid and strengthen his position in the lead, in contrast, the balance of Real Betis after losing at 39 points, to remain in eighth place in the ladder of the ranking.

ملخص مباراة برشلونة وريال بيتيس 4-1 🔥 هاتريك الأسطورة ميسـي

Cristian Thielo hit the ball from the penalty area, but it was easy for goalkeeper Terje Stegen in the 10th minute. Stegen grabbed another dangerous ball from the hosts by Jesi Rodriguez in the 12th minute. In the 17th minute, Barcelona opened the scoring in the 17th minute from a kick Lionel Messi's right-footed shot went to the right of the keeper.

In the 24th minute, the ball went up to Joaquin, but it hit the defense, and in the 32nd minute the dangerous ball passed by the post, and in the 40th minute Suarez wasted a very serious legacy to Barcelona, After a series of great passes from Stegen to Alba to Fedal, then Messi.

Luis Suarez fired a shot in the 41st minute to hit the defense and went into a corner. The second goal of the Catalan team in stoppage time, when Messi passed the ball to Suarez, who is on the border of the area, to play the Uruguayan heel to the Argentinian inside the penalty area, The visitors' half-time resulted in a 2-0 lead.

At the start of the second half, Real Betis pressed the ball. Lucileo tried to hit the ball and hit the crossbar. It was 61 minutes after Luis Suarez missed a chance, but he replaced it in the 63rd minute after a break from the area. She took her place in front of keeper Lopez and shot her to the right, and then Simedo entered instead of Arthur.

In the 76th minute, Racic hit the crossbar, but in the 82nd minute, Betis reduced the lead by striker Lorenzo Loren after a pass from Diego Linz. Arturo Vidal hit the ball in the 83rd minute and was sent off by Lopez. Very beautiful, right-back received a reply from Lionel Messi's fifth goal.

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