Germany Vs Netherlands ( 3-2 ) Match Goals & HighLights ⭐ UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying

The German team won an exciting victory at the expense of his Dutch team, in the meeting held on the evening on the ground, "Johan Cruyff Arena" 3-2, in the second round of qualifying for the Euro 2020, to raise the German team to score 3 points of the game in Third place, while the Netherlands are stuck at 3 points from two matches in second place.

ملخص مباراة الـمـا نـيـا وهـو لـنـدا 3-2 - مباراة تاريخية - هدف قـاتل +90

The first half of the game was strong and quick on the part of the German team, where the German team to score an early goal in the second minute after a cross from Sani arrived in the Janabri to kick a ball from inside the penalty area but goalkeeper Silesin away, and then continued the preference of the German team In terms of control and opportunity creation.

In the 15th minute, the Germans scored the goal of Leroy Sani after a ball reached Scholes on the left side before sending a cross that reached Sani, who hit the ball past goalkeeper Silesen. The Netherlands almost equalized after a ball that reached Babel, who fired a superb shot away by Noir brilliantly in the minute "24".

The Dutch team almost equalized after a cross from the right-hand side reached Babylon in the six yards and Manuel Noyer put the ball away from a goal in the 28th minute. Germany scored a second goal with Serge Janapri after a ball Longitudinal arrived at the Jnabri who entered the penalty area and shot a great ball into the pass.

In the 38th minute, Schulz sent a cross from the left and then header from Kirir, but in the arms of goalkeeper Celsen, the German team almost scored a third goal after a quick attack ended with a pass from Gnabri to Sani, who entered the area and hit a ball away Silesin and then the defense , To end the first half with the progress of the German team 2-0.

With the start of the second half, the Dutch scored the goal of reducing the gap by Matthias de Liechte after a cross from Debay de Liechte with a header against goalkeeper Manoir Noir in the 48th minute, and then continued the Dutch national team preference, and then sent Kerir cross On the right, Celsin took the lead in the 62th minute.

In the 64th minute, the Dutch scored the equalizer through Memphis Debay after a quick attack, cross-ball and defensive defense. The Dutch player turned the ball into Debby, who fired from inside the box in the net. Noir came out in front of Ronaldo in the 79th minute.

Jannabri took the ball and entered the penalty area before sending a shot into the keeper's arms in the 84th minute. Jannabri came out and replaced Marco Ruiz in the 87th minute. Germany scored the winner after a cross from Crosse to Nico Scholes. With a shot in the net in the "90", ending the meeting with the victory of Germany 3-2.

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