Real Madrid and Huesca ( 3-2 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 La Liga

Real Madrid scored a deadly win over Huesca in the meeting held at the stadium "Santiago Bernabeu" In the 29th round of Spanish Liga Real Madrid have 57 points in third place, two points behind Atletico Madrid and 12 points behind leaders Barcelona While Huesca is free to score 22 points in the 20th and last place.

ملخص مباراة ريـا ل مـدريـد وهـو يـسـكـا 3-2 - فوز مثير - مباراة قووووية

The first half of the game saw an early goal for Huesca (Juan Hernandez) in the second minute after a home ball to Avila who brilliantly slashed the ball from Nacho before sending a cross around Hernandez's shot against Luca Zidane. In the 11th minute, Danny Sibayos turned the ball over to the goal.

In the 13th minute, Real wasted a goal after a cross from Udrizola around Benzema next to the goal. Odierzola then returned and handed the ball to Benzema, who gave it easy in the keeper's arms. The two teams continued their efforts in the favor of Real Madrid, Equalizer and then turn the result in his favor.

Real Madrid were able to score the equalizer through (Eescu) equalizer after Benzema kicked the ball and then passed to Ibrahim Diaz, who returned to Benzema, who shot the ball past the keeper and followed by Diaz cross around Isco nets, Afila almost scored a second goal for Huesca with a shot from Inside the penalty area but above the goal, to end the first half 1-1.

In the second half, Benzema almost scored a second goal with a shot from outside the penalty area but in the keeper's arms, Real Madrid's attempts continued before the Royal team scored a second goal through Danny Sibayos in the 62th minute after a cross from Gareth Bell Heading from Benzema inside the box around the Cibios in the net.

Hiraca scored the equalizer with Javier Echita after a cross from the left flank around Javier Echita with a header in the net, Odrizola then sent a cross that the goalkeeper had narrowly passed.

Then came Issco and replaced him Valverdi, and then came out Marcos Llorente and replaced by Mariano Diaz in the minute "78", Vázquez shot a superb ball away from the keeper, and then Real Madrid scored the winning goal through (Karim Benzema), who shot a wonderful ball from inside the penalty area The keeper shuddered in the 89th minute, ending the match with Real Madrid 3-2.

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